The 2021 Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts.
We are delighted to announce that this will now take place in the Pittville Pump Rooms.

Sunday 23rd May to Thursday 3rd June

The entry system is now closed – we’re full!  Except for Own Composition entries which will not close until 30th April.

For details of when each class will take place click on the required category at the top of this page

Does your child need to miss school to perform?
to view information on Child Performance Licences – click on ‘Entries’ above.

Please note, IF the Festival is cancelled due to Covid-19, ALL entry fees will be fully refunded – so you can make your entries in full confidence and leave the rest to us!

To view the 2021 Syllabus, click here.


Festival Friends Secretary
We have a vacancy for this position.  So, if you would like to join the team, please let one of us know.

Festival Friends make an important contribution through their long-term support.  We now need someone to encourage the number of Festival Friends to grow – someone who has that knack of encouraging membership and who can keep in touch with Friends and stimulate their interest in our Festival.


Since 1926 this wonderful event has given people of all ages an opportunity to perform in a great venue, express themselves creatively, and show off their talents.

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Preparing for a CovidSafe Festival

We are planning and preparing to put in place all necessary measures so that the 2021 Festival can take place with as little risk as possible to the wellbeing of performers, their teachers and supporters, adjudicators, and all our stewards and other helpers.

Personal protection

  • Face coverings will be worn at all times except by the performers when performing and adjudicators when delivering their adjudications.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available in every performance room.
  • Plastic screens and head visors will be used to shield on duty stewards.


  • Entry will only be allowed via the West door and everyone must leave by a rear door. The entry queue will be outside the building and 2m separation will be enforced.
  • Everyone entering the building must provide their contact details, either verbally, or by using the NHS ‘track and trace’ QR code system.
  • As far as possible a one-way system will be used to avoid ‘pinch points’.
  • To avoid queuing and crowding, our ‘welcome desk’ will be cashless and paperless – with a card reader system to collect payments.
  • No programmes will be on sale – all class information will be on-line.
  • All corridors will kept clear at all times and dancers will not be allowed to warm up inside the building.
  • The number of people allowed at any time into each performance room will be monitored and limited.
  • The layout of each performance room will be set up to ensure adequate separation between performers, the adjudicator’s table, and the audience.
  • Most regrettably, all classes for choirs, groups, trios and duets, as well as classes for wind and brass instruments, have now been cancelled for 2021. 
  • Notices will be posted as reminders that distancing is important and anyone not following the rules may be required to leave the building.

The Piano

  • The piano keys, and the piano stool will be touched and handled by performers and accompanists. We will ensure that effective cleaning is carried out for each new pianist and allow for sufficient time for this to take place between performances.
  • Page turners must be a person within the pianist’s personal bubble.

Costume changing

  • We will reserve certain areas as changing areas. Dancers will be urged to arrive ready to dance without costume-changing, wherever possible.

Recorded music

  • We will adopt a safe method (using gloves and hand sanitiser) for the handling of recorded music media.

Certificates and Cups

  • In order to avoid queuing after each class, we are considering sending performers’ certificates by post or email.
  • For the same reason we will be reducing the number of cups awarded, especially for those classes with few performers.

Anyone interested in becoming involved with running the Festival is most welcome to contact us.  Do make contact if you feel that you would like to join our team.  It’s so worthwhile – we do make a difference to the young people who perform.

If you would like to know more about helping to run the Festival, contact Brian Harding (Hon Secretary) by email: brianharding17@btinternet.com, or call 07850 153183.