Log-in screen notes

The entry system for the 2022 Festival will remain open until Sunday 13th February.

This is where you can manage your account and enter performers and groups.

Teachers who wish to enter a large number of young performers can use a Multiple Entries Form – email info@cfpa.org.uk and ask for a Form to be emailed to you.

How to enter

  1. In the ‘Your Account’ box click on ‘Add Performer‘. Any performers previously listed will be shown.
  2. To add a new performer or group to the list, click on the black ‘Add a Performer’ button and complete the six boxes. Then click the ‘Confirm New Performer’ button.  If you wish to add a group, follow a similar process after clicking on the black ‘Add a Group’ button.
  3. Next, in the ‘Your Account’ box click on ‘Enter Performer’ and follow the Enter Performer instructions that will appear: click on the ‘Performer’ arrow and the names of all your listed performers will appear. (Similarly for a Group).
  4. Select the performer or group you wish to enter.
  5. Click on the ‘Category’ arrow and select either ‘Dance’, ‘Drama’, or ‘Music’.
  6. Click in the ‘Class’ box and start typing the required class number or class name and select from the drop-down list.
  7. Click on the green button to add your selection to Your Basket.
  8. Repeat the process until you have all your entries in Your Basket.
  9. Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and, if all is correct, make your payment.
  10. You will receive an email receipt.


Q: Do I have to complete everything in one go?
A: No, the system will save what you have entered, so you can log out and come back later.

Q: Why can’t I see the class I want to enter?
Classes are shown according to the age of the performer as on the 31st August the year preceding the Festival.  Please check that you have entered the correct date of birth for the performer
and that the class is appropriate for the performer’s age.
Note: the classes shown may not be in alphabetical order – look carefully!

Q: How to I remove a class I have entered?
In the ‘Your Basket’ box click on the red box with a minus sign to remove an entry.