Lyric Championship

An invitation class only. The top four placings in each of Classes SD7, SD8, SD9 and SD10 will be invited to perform their winning poem again or an own choice poem which should be appropriate for this prestigious class.  Teachers are requested to ensure pupils are prepared in advance for the possibility of being in this …read More

Thomas Cranmer Award

This competition is open to candidates ages 11-18 inclusive who will be required to speak an extract from the gospels or the Book of Common Prayer 1662 to be selected from the following list and chosen with reference to the age list below: Set of Collect, Epistle and Gospel from the Book of Common Prayer …read More

Speech & Drama Rules

SD1 The Age Limit is reckoned as on 31st August in the year prior to the Festival and will be strictly observed. SD2 The Adjudicator’s decision is final. SD3 Time limits must be strictly adhered to but do not include an introduction to scenes. Performers who over-run will be penalised with the loss of 1 …read More