Speech & Drama Rules

SD1 The Age Limit is reckoned as on 31st August in the year prior to the Festival and will be strictly observed.
SD2 The Adjudicator’s decision is final.
SD3 Time limits must be strictly adhered to but do not include an introduction to scenes. Performers who over-run will be penalised with the loss of 1 mark per minute or part of a minute and may not receive a mark.
SD4 Coaching. No instruction, mouthing of words or gestures by a teacher, tutor or parent is allowed during a performance. This and/or any other off-stage direction may result in a loss of marks.
SD5 Prompting. The Adjudicator and Steward must not be expected to prompt if words are forgotten; performers are advised to provide their own prompter who must NOT be their teacher; in case of difficulty performers may ask for help from the office.
SD6 Performers entering “Own Choice” Classes must ensure that the selected pieces are of a suitable standard for the age group. Teachers and students are requested to be aware of the sensitivity of the audience regarding the content of the scenes. Language likely to cause offence must not be included.
SD7 None but hand properties (e.g. a fan, handkerchief, scarf etc.) are permitted.
SD8 In “Own Choice” classes, a script must be given to the Adjudicator before performing in the class.
SD9 Stage costume must NOT be used, but rehearsal skirts are allowed. See Rule G8.
SD10 ALTERATIONS. Performers wishing to request an alteration to their published performance time must contact the Speech and Drama Secretary a minimum of ONE WEEK BEFORE the Speech and Drama Section begins. Requests may not be accepted after this time.
SD11 The Age Limit for Open Classes is 18 years and upwards.


Entries in poetry, prose or solo dramatic works to a limit of 10 minutes are covered by agreement with the Author’s Licensing and Collecting Society. Duologues and group dramatic activity are not covered by this agreement and copyright for these items should be sought by performers at the time of entry.