Child Performance Licence Information

Child Performance Licensing

The Children and Young Persons Act 1963 states in section 37 that a child shall not take part in public performances except under the authority of a licence granted by the local authority in whose area the child resides.  This applies to performances by children of 15 years or under at the Festival.

However, it also states that ‘a licence shall not be required for any child to take part in a performance to which this section applies if in the six months preceding the performance he/she has not taken part in other performances to which this section applies on more than three days.’

For the 2019 Festival, the local authority confirmed that no licence was needed if the performance took place under arrangements made by the child’s school (e.g. a school choir or performing group) and a licence was not needed unless the performance required absence from a local authority maintained school.

Assuming the situation will be the same for the 2021 Festival, the parents (or guardians) of children being entered must decide whether a licence application is needed or not.  The flow chart is designed to help parents reach the correct decision (which may not be possible until the Programme is published and the timing of the performance known).

Child Licensing Flow Chart

The application is free and can be made either on-line or by post.  If a performance licence is needed, download the Licence Application Form and follow the instructions and guidance.  The licence application form must be completed by the child’s parent and then sent, with a photograph of the child and a copy of the child’s birth certificate, to:  An electronic signature and photographs of the required documents will be acceptable.  We would greatly prefer an email return, but a postal application will also be accepted.

Click here to download the Licence Application Form (the download should appear at the foot of your screen).