Get Writing – Own Composition

Welcome to the Festival’s Own Composition Classes.

Enter for these classes using the on-line entry system (see How to Enter) and pay the appropriate fee.

Then, when your composition is ready, use the entry form below to send us your entry. Each poem or story should be typewritten, unsigned and attached to its own entry form.


Not to exceed 3 minutes reading time each. Limit: 3 poems per person. The six finalists will be read at the Festival either by yourself or a member of the Festival team if you prefer.

SD79 Poetry Own Composition – School Year 6 and under.  Fee £5.00 per poem.
SD80 Poetry Own Composition – School Years 7 to 10.  Fee £5.00 per poem.
SD81 Poetry Own Composition – School Years 11 to 13.  Fee £5.00 per poem.
SD82 Poetry Own Composition – Open – 18 years and over.  Fee £5.00 per poem.


Limit: 3 stories per person. The winning story will be read at the Festival.

SD83 Original Storywriting – School Year 6 and under. Maximum 500 words.  Fee £5.00 per story.
SD84 Original Storywriting – School Year 7 to 10. Maximum 750 words.  Fee £5.00 per story.
SD85 Original Storywriting – School Years 11 to 13. Maximum 1000 words.  Fee £5.00 per story.
SD86 Original Storywriting – Open – 18 years and over. Maximum 1000 words.  Fee £5.00 per story.

Please Note: We are not able to acknowledge the receipt of entries but you will be contacted before the Festival if you are among the Finalists.