How to Enter

Performers or groups can be entered for the Festival either online or via the paper entry form.  Paper entry forms are available in the Syllabus.

To Enter Online:

Set up an Account

Click on the Login button above
Click on the link to create an account
Complete the details required

Add Your Performers

Go to ‘Add Performer or Group’
Add the details for any performer or group you want to enter.
For each child of compulsory school age, enter the Place of Education (i.e. the day school attended, NOT dance school or music group). This MUST be added, if not already entered in previous years.

Enter Performers into Classes

Go to ‘Enter Performer or Group’
Start typing a performer’s or group’s name and choose from the drop down list
Choose whether it is for a Dance, Drama or Music Class and wait for the cogwheel to stop rotating
Then start typing the class number or name of the class and choose from the drop down list
Click on the green button to add to your basket

Making Payment

Once you have completed all the entries, and added a programme if you want one, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’
Check the details of your entry and continue to the payment page
Enter your card details to make the payment
You will receive a confirmation email.