How to Enter

The entry system will operate from the beginning of December.

Individual performers or groups must enter for the Festival online.  Follow the steps below to set up Your Account.

Teachers entering a large number of performers will be able to use a Multiple Entries Form and email it to the appropriate Section Secretary.  Payment against invoice can then be arranged.  To request a Multiple Entries Form email

To Enter Online:

Set up Your Account:-

Click on the Login button at the top of the Home page
Click on the link to create an account
Complete the details required

Add Your Performers:-

Click on ‘Add Performer’.
Add the details of any performer or group you want to enter.
For each child of compulsory school age, enter the Place of Education (i.e. the full-time school attended, NOT the dance or theatre school). This MUST be added, if not already entered in previous years.

Enter Your Performers into Classes:-

Click on ‘Enter Performer’.
In the ‘Performer’ box click on the arrow and select one from the drop down list.
In the ‘Category’ box click on the arrow for Dance, Drama or Music.
In the ‘Class’ box enter the class number or name of the class and choose from the drop down list.  Only classes that equate to the performer’s age (as at 31st August prior to the Festival) will appear.
If you want to make further entries, go back to ‘Enter Performer’ and repeat the process.
Click on the green button to send your chosen entries to your basket.

Making Payment:-

Once all your entries are in your basket, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
Check the details of your entry and continue to the payment page.
Enter your card details to make the payment.
You will receive a confirmation email.

Note: You will be able to login at any time later to inspect (but not alter) your entry.