On the Day

If it is your first festival you may be wondering what you need to do on the day you have a class.

The first thing is to arrive in plenty of time. This allows you to find the room you are going to be in and relax for a few minutes before the class starts. The programme will detail the date, time and venue for your class. You can order a programme with your entry or you can view the timetable on this website once it is published in April. If necessary you can join the class during applause so as not to interrupt a performer.

Make sure you have everything you need with you. If you have music or are reading from text, make sure you have all the copies you need. Check the rules to make sure whether the adjudicator needs a copy. Remember to find an accompanist if you need one and please abide by copyright laws!

Do your friends and family have a ticket to watch you? Tickets can be bought on the day at the box office. It’s only £3 for a day ticket which can be used to watch all classes that day and evening. Anyone, who is not a competitor, who is over 18 will need a ticket to watch you perform. If you are in more than one class friends or family may want to become a Friend of the Festival which means that they can not only watch your classes but you could watch other classes at the Festival – they also get a free programme.

You should make your way to the room where your class is being held and when the doors are open for entry go and find a place to sit. When it is time for you to perform your name will be called and you should make your way to the performance area.

After everyone has performed the adjudicator will give you feedback on your performance. This will be constructive feedback to help you improve your next performance and may contain how to improve as well as what worked well.

If you are to receive a certificate, it can be collected from the Festival Office at the back of the Town Hall. The certificate will be accompanied by a feedback form. It may take 30 minutes to process so be prepared to wait a short time after your class has finished.

If you are to receive a cup this may be awarded at a different time to your class so please check the programme or ask at the Festival Office. If you are a cup winner you can also purchase a golden medal for £5 which you can keep once the cup is given back for next year’s festival.

Results are published in the local news so look out for your name in the Gloucestershire Echo.