Support us

The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts is a registered charity and as such we need your support to:

  • Provide a platform for children and adults to perform in an educational setting
  • Educate the wider public in the performing arts
  • Secure a high standard of venue for the Festival
  • Produce a Festival Syllabus & Programme to ensure the smooth running of the Festival

And much, much more.

The Entry Fee we charge only covers approximately 40% of our expenses so we need to ensure that we raise funds through other means.

There are many ways to support us:

Or, if you have an idea for a fundraising event, contact us and tell us all about it.

The Festival would like to acknowledge the support of Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Arts Council.

Registered Charity No. 1157550


Due to the popularity of the Festival we attract many hundreds of people to the Town Hall and most of these will visit our website several times during the year to gather information about the events we stage – and to enter for the Festival. The majority of these will be local to Cheltenham or …read More


The Festival supports and encourages children’s development by building self-confidence.  It provides an opportunity to perform on a great stage and develop their skills and talents.  Each child who takes part in the Festival receives constructive feedback from a professional adjudicator.  We know the performers love the whole experience because they come back year after …read More


The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts has taken place in Cheltenham for over 90 years. However, our future is never a particularly secure one. The entry fees we charge provides just over 40% of the funds we need for each Festival. So, we therefore need to raise funds by many other means. Your donation could …read More