The CFPA prides itself on supporting children’s development through performance education. Performing can help boost confidence, provides opportunities for working together in a group for a shared outcome and is also a lot of fun. Each child who takes part in the Festival receives constructive feedback to help them develop their skills further. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without our sponsors.

Sponsorship ranges from £50 to sponsor a class to becoming one of our main sponsors who help us with larger donations.  We work with our main sponsors to ensure that we help you achieve your corporate responsibility aims.

Class Sponsorship £50:

If you sponsor a class your name or company name will appear under the class title in the programme:

Verse Speaking – 10 years and under
Kindly Sponsored by Your Company

Your name or company name will also be announced at the beginning of the class.

The sponsorship helps us employ professional adjudicators to give constructive  feedback to each performer to help them improve in the future.  It also goes toward the certificates that each child receives to commemorate their participation in the Festival.

Main Sponsors:

Main sponsors provide £500 or over.  This helps us to hold the Festival at the wonderful venue of the Cheltenham Town Hall as well as continue with our outreach work.  Sponsors help us to recruit volunteers and provide assistance for transport for schools as well as provide tickets to disadvantaged and community groups.

In return we provide a full colour advert in our programme, complimentary programmes and Festival passes for your employees.  We can also arrange volunteering opportunities for your employees or run storywriting workshops for children of your team.  If you hold events we can promote them via our website and Facebook page.

Here are some of our Main Sponsors:

cheltenham-borough-council Cheltenham Borough Council
mira-showers Mira Showers
barnett-waddingham Barnett Waddingham
Brimpsfield Music


Brimpsfield Music Society
gr-lanes G.R. Lane Health Products Ltd
berkhampstead-school Berkhampstead School
subtone Subtone